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Blackened Paper


Q: How much do you charge?
A: I charge flat day rates which we will discuss during your consult via whatever you decide. (In person, Zoom, email, phone. etc...)

Q: Typically how long will a project take?
All Tattoo projects differ size, detail, body placement, and type of art all play a factor. That is why I do flat rates. I am focused on the end result not the clock.

Q: Why flat rates and what does that entail?
I do half day (3-4 hours) and full day (5+ hours) sessions. This allows you us to have the best tattoo experience because you deserve my vest to pressure no rush just us and your project!

Q: How do I book?
To book any session first you'll need to request an appointment by clicking BOOKING above. If I take on your project you'll need to place a 50% deposit to secure your date/time. 

Q: How far are you booking?
 I book out Max 3 months out then close my books. This allows me to focus on your artwork and not to be overwhelmed and plan ahead for professional and personal events.

Q: It says your books are closed, how do I get an appointment? 
 I'll be keeping everyone informed on when my books are open and closed via here on my website and social media. you can still submit a form and you'll be put on my waiting list. Please note this does not guarantee an appointment. I have to complete current projects first before taking on new ones.

Q:How much work can I get during a session?
Every person, project, skin, and tolerance differ. Every project will be discussed on the goal we will try to hit for that session, but I cannot promise anything until I understand you and your skin better. Remember its about the goal not how much in a certain amount of hours, I want to give you the best not just coverage. 

Q: Why only One person a day?
By only working on one person a day it allows me to focus solely on the tattoo/project I am doing that day. My clients pay good money to get tattooed by me which I greatly appreciate and allows me to take care of my family and business. One person a day means I can give my clients the best I have to offer and therefore the best artwork. Quality over quantity. You deserve my best and I want to give it to you!

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me and I am willing to answer anything!
And as always thank you!

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